Top 5 strategies on how to get successful on YouTube

Top 5 strategy how to get successful on YouTube

Top 5 strategies on how to get successful on YouTube

YouTube is a great place to share content, to build a community, and even to make money. We’re going to share with you some of the top strategies that we’ve found to be successful on YouTube. Here are our top five tips for improving your YouTube channel.

1st Important Strategy – Websites

Websites give you a lot more credibility. It gives users another place to go to learn more about you. A place that you have complete control over, so anything that you want your users to know about you, you can put it on your website.

Create your own Website. A website is a place that you have complete control over It also is a great opportunity for you to embed your YouTube videos on your website. So, when we talk about ranking and search engines, you can name your video whatever you want and add the description on YouTube.

(a) Traffic

As soon as you will start putting your website in the description of your videos on YouTube, YouTube will skyrocket to be your top referrer, hands down. So it will drive a lot of traffic to your website and your website will draw a lot of traffic back to YouTube, so they can really, really work well together.

(b) Revenue

Make sure that you have banner ads or affiliate programs, or even selling a product, or a service on your website. Once more traffic and users are coming on your website, they’re also going to see the ads. So, will be able to increase your revenue by having all your YouTube videos also embedded on your website.

(c) SEO Rank

Always enter the text of what the video’s about, or you can even transcribe your video, but just make sure that it has keywords that are related to your video. By this, you will be ranking higher in search engines. Also make sure that when you’re doing this that you’re adding at least 300, 350 words of text to the article because that’s also going to help you rank higher in search engines.

2nd Important Strategy – Branding

A really important aspect for all Youtubers is branding, making sure that you are consistently displaying your logo or just have something that users can recognize you by.

Branding is important because it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your video There are many areas that are used to develop a brand including advertising, customer service, promotional merchandise, reputation, and logo.

(a) Intro

Create an Intro that’s really short and sweet. Three seconds is kind of the sweet spot. Anything more than three seconds and people are going to start to get a little annoyed. It’s YouTube, people want things really quick. So have your logo come in, maybe a little sound byte that’s in every one of your videos that people can recognize you no matter where they’re seeing your video.

(b) Social Media

Another thing that you want to make sure you’re doing is having consistent branding across all of your social media outlets, on YouTube, on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. So make sure that if you have a logo, that it’s on all of those. If you don’t have a logo, think about creating one, because that’s something that people want to be able to recognize you.

(c) Subscription

At the end of the video, do ask the users to Subscribe to your channel. This is really important. Also, make sure that you have an unsubscribe trailer. You have a few different options: you can put your most popular video there, or you can actually shoot a video that is specifically for that unsubscribed trailer where it tells what your channel is about.

3rd Important Strategy – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is just as important for YouTube as it is for your blogger website. To make sure that you’re getting as many views and subscribers as possible you need to make sure people can find your content when they’re searching in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You need to make sure that your videos have Descriptive titles, descriptions, and that you’re making use of the tags feature on YouTube. This is really important, a lot of people forget about this feature because for websites, blogs and articles, search engines don’t actually look at metadata keywords anymore but YouTube does.

(a) Title

YouTube can’t look at your video and get all of the information, find out, learn what you’re the video is about automatically. So they rely on that title description, and the tags so make sure when you’re uploading your videos that you are filling out that tag section and you’re putting any relevant tags in there and you keeping out the ones that aren’t relevant it’s really important.

(b) Research

Make sure that you’re doing your research before you actually title your videos and add descriptions, so you can just search on Google and type in a key phrase and see what automatically pops down when you search on Google, those very common search terms.

(c) Keywords

The tool that we like to use is the word stream keyword tool. You can just search wordstream in Google and you’ll find it. There are a whole bunch of tools out there that you can kind of play around with them and decide which ones are best for you but we definitely recommend trying out the wordstream tool, it’s really, really powerful.

4th Important Strategy – Create Playlists

One of the most important things to think about on YouTube is user retention, and getting users to view multiple videos on your channel.

A really great way to get users to watch multiple videos on your channel, and increase your overall views and revenue is to create playlists So let’s talk about different ways that we can try and increase that user retention and get people coming back to our channel over and over again.

(a) Linking Other Videos

Once you upload the new video, now below that description, think about other videos on your channel, that are similar. The audience that’s watching the current video would also be interested in, and then put a link to that video down in the description of the video that you just uploaded. So hopefully people watch the video, and then they look in the description and can click through to watch another video on your channel.

(b) Annotations

Now if you have a video that’s a really, really good fit, that’s really related to the one that you’re currently uploading, you can actually use the YouTube annotations, and you can put a link in the actual video, for people to click on and move right on to the next video.

(c) Video Grouping

Sometimes, it’s not easy for users to scan all the video in your channel. What you can do is you can create playlists, and you can group those videos with other similar videos that are either on the same topic or the same category or are just somehow related, which makes it a lot easier for your users to go through your YouTube channel, and watch multiple videos at once.

5th Important Strategy – Research Competitors

In order to improve your YouTube channel, it’s important to not only focus just on your channel, but also on other YouTube channels, and the YouTube community as a whole.

There are a lot of YouTubers out there, that are doing really innovative things on their YouTube channels The first thing you need to do when you find a YouTube channel similar to yours, is to subscribe to it. And some of you might think that that’s helping out the competition, but in reality, it’s helping out you to learn more and implement in your channel.

(a) Unrelated Channels

Branch out and subscribe to channels that are completely unrelated to my industry. Makeup artists and hair designers, because they’re doing really innovative things on their channels as well, that you can incorporate for your audience.

(b) Take Inspiration

Some of these YouTubers have great style, and you can really learn from that. So remember to keep an eye on the competition and other YouTube channels to get inspiration for your own YouTube channel.

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