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Mobile Marketing Training

Mobile is now one of the most important mediums to reach to our target audience. Learn how to accelerate and through mobile, driving business growth with closer consumer engagement.
With an experienced trainer learn how Mobile marketing can provide customers with sensitive and personalized information that promotes goods, services & ideas.

Topics We Are Going To Cover In This Course?

Map The Mobile Opportunity

Here we introduce you to the complexities of the mobile landscape, which dictate whom you can reach and how you can do so effectively. In this chapter, we’ll walk you through the key market data and insights you’ll need to understand in order to successfully capitalize on the mobile opportunity.

Develop Your Mobile Strategy

This topic offers detailed guidance on how to develop a strategic plan that will set you off on your mobile marketing journey. This framework will lay the groundwork for how to use the various mobile tactics we discuss in subsequent topics

Start Simple—sms

Starting simple gets you off and running with the mobile channel that enjoys the greatest reach and the largest potential audience. SMS may not be glamorous, but it is efficient and effective, and it continues to engage consumers; for these reasons, it should find a place in your marketing campaigns.

Maximize Reach With Mobile Websites

This topic builds on the basics from Simple SMS with a focus on your mobile website—what we believe to be most important element of your overall mobile strategy. This is where most of your customers will connect with you and will also be an end destination to which many of your other mobile initiatives will drive customers.

Maximize Engagement With Mobile Apps

Here, we frame apps as a mechanism for forging deeper and repeat engagement with your customers, while also dispelling the notion that apps and mobile websites are an either/or proposition. In this chapter, we detail what you need to know about building and developing your mobile app, and the marketing you’ll have to do to get it noticed and keep your audience engaged.

Promote Your Message With Mobile Advertising

Now, we’ll teach you the basics of mobile search, display, and email; and how you can use these forms of advertising to attract more qualified and engaged consumers to your mobile content. While mobile activity still far outweighs mobile ad spend, we see this point in time as a golden opportunity to test and learn before the demand inevitably begins to exceed the supply.

Leverage The SoLoMo Nexus

This reveals how mobile devices enable you to truly deliver on the holy grail of marketing by marrying where your customers are (location) with what they’re doing (context), and what they want (intent).

Check Out M-commerce

Follow your audience as they move toward the end of the customer journey and the bottom of the purchase funnel, building on the SoLoMo nexus as a more refined mechanism for targeting prospective shoppers. From mobile coupons to mobile wallets, we examine your options for monetizing mobile and getting your customers to the virtual checkout counter.

Drive Awareness With Ambient Media

This topic highlights how technologies that trigger a connection between a mobile device and the non-digital world—what we call ambient media—can add a layer of interactivity to traditional media, places, and objects that in the past were completely static. We’ll cover in detail how you can use ambient mobile channels, including QR Codes, augmented reality, near-field communications, and mobile broadcasting to render the physical world, digital, and bring your marketing programs to the bleeding edge.

Course Features

  • Start Date: Nov 19, 2018
  • Duration: 3 Hours

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  • Start Date: Nov 19, 2018
  • Duration: 3 Hours

  • Mon to Fri
  • 6PM TO 9PM

  • Start Date: Nov 17, 2018
  • Duration: 6 Hours

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